Finding a director vs self directing

Your script is written, well done.

Now the fun part begins, bringing it to life.

I’m gonna give you some tips I adhere to once I’ve written a script and I’m at the pivotal stage of deciding whether I can trust someone with my baby or if I should just get it done myself.

Directing a play isn’t all shits and giggles, it’s time consuming, soul bearing and…pretty hard.

As the writer you know the script inside out but remember everyone who jumps on board won’t initially and part of your job as a director is to make sure they do, confidently, so as not to ruin your play when staged. No pressure.

For the plays Iv had directed by others, Iv found they’ve been scripts I’m not madly in love with, I mean… I wrote them so I have to love them. But I’m not so attached to them I can’t let others artistically develop them in their own way.

Make sure the director you work with is on the same page as you, find out their goals for your script, their method of working and their past work.

It’s important !

Find the right director, find the right director, oh and did I mention find the right director. Someone who respects your work is a major key.

You’ve written you want your protagonist to be black and suddenly after casting you find the protagonist is white…yes this has happened to me before.

If you have strong ideas about how you want your peice to look visually then I would suggest co-directing, as the writer of course you have your own visual ideas of how things should be staged but if your ideas are so important that you cannot see them any other way, you already have your directing hat on.

Think about budget for rehearsals, are you looking at an intense rehearsal schedule over a short period of time or something more long term and relaxed ?

Your first time directing shouldn’t be rushed and weighed down by pressure, so take this into consideration when choosing whether to direct.

Iv recently started to ‘paint the picture‘ in my scripts which some may argue is the worst thing to do in the world. But I’m a control freak; kiss my ass so what, and it gives me likkl peice of mind so hey.

If I have no plans to direct myself but have strong ideas for direction, I write this into the script.

That way there’s no confusion, I’m very much open to negotiation in regards to staging and changes but it’s easier to discuss something that is already written in the script than an idea that isn’t.

I hope that makes sense.

Self directing is rewarding but it’s hard work, it can definitely be done but just make sure you have the time on your hands to really do your peice justice.


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