Random thoughts & musings

-Sometimes work and network outside of just the black creative scene if you see you ain’t getting no play there.

– I don’t really fuck with most of the creative cool kids, everyones too licky licky and thats okay, i’m not in the fake-ness if my soul doesn’t take to ya.

– It’s kind of hard to fit writing, producing, rehearsing and working full time and raising a child.

– You would think a retweet costs real money big man ting.

– ‘We aRe LuKiN fOr SuBmiSsIoNs FoR oUr ScRaTchNiGhT fRoM bAmE WrITeRs’ is bullshit more time.

– I find it really hard to keep up with my emails at the moment and i’m not no where near where I need to be, so like… what the fuck happens when I am where I need to be?

– Making short films is cool and everything but shit if you don’t have money to fund it everything’s kinda stagnant.

– I don’t like people working for free for me, it doesn’t sit good with my soul, must find a way in the future to make sure all participants are rewarded, this life isn’t charity work.

– I think I need a cool business card I can give out to people instead of that awkward ‘omg so your a creative what do you do’ conversation.

– Black boys don’t cry as a short film or nah ?

– Going to the theatre on a date is always trash, why is this ?

– I need headshots and I need a new website.

– I just bought two pairs of really banging heels but like, outside is doing up Ice Age returns so like, now what?


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